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Originally coming from dance  I am now specialised as a non medical alternative practioner ( Heilpraktiker) on the treatment and support of physical themes  through Meridian Thai Yoga Massage &  Bodywork  and   GYROTONIC® , a guided three-dimensional movement training with equipment, as well as  Personal Movement Coaching  without.

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Beside my practical massage and movement work, I offer courses and a yearly basic training in “Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage”. Further information you find under Seminars.  
I am looking forward to hear from you and to meet you.


"Zahiro Kai works holistically and takes a lot of time for the people he works with. I find the body work with him great, because I like to do yoga, which is not a requirement. Many people I recommend to Kai are happy to be able to keep their clothes on, because the massage is basically done in comfortable clothes."
> Massage and Bodywork
Bodytherapist, 50 years
"A wonderful opportunity to gain basic knowledge in the ITMM. This training, the structure and the concept inspired me to take a closer look at the ITMM."
"I particularly liked the connection between physically tangible (muscle, bone) and energetic healing (meridians) and the relaxed learning atmosphere."
> Thai Massage Basic Training
Gymnastics Teacher, 48 years Physiotherapist, 38 years

"For ten years I have practiced with Zahiro Kai. I am 73 years old. During this time, not only my mobility and strength has been preserved, but it has increasingly built up. The training is an enrichment and joy for me."
> Training With Equipment
Pensioner, 73 Years

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